About Us

Blue Who?

BlueGoose Media is a Washington-based social enterprise,
empowering clients, students and the public through transparent, accessible coaching and content.

Blue Values

What we believe in. What we deliver.


The biggest difference between success and failure is access. Opportunity, resources, skills, knowledge, funding. We believe that these are not just the tools of the privileged, but fundamental necessities for everyone to succeed in business and in life.


From our plain-language contracts and straight-forward pricing, to our open sharing of knowledge and skills with customers, we aim to be transparent in every way. We never hold back our "secrets" when coaching clients or ask students to jump additional paywalls to get "bonus" content.


"Doing things differently" isn't just a tired tagline at BlueGoose. Owned and operated by two neurodivergent people, we really do think outside the box. Sometimes literally. Every day, every client, every product, we challenge the standards and processes behind digital marketing, pushing for solutions that are cleaner, more effective, more powerful and more innovative.


Ownership and power in media and marketing hold humanity's creativity, truth and possibility hostage. Only a radical shift in the way content is created and delivered can liberate our world's full human potential. There is no doing this half way and we're in for the long haul.

Our Approach

At BlueGoose, industry norms bore us. We do things differently.


Today, online presence is more than just a website. Our Digital Ecosystem Method takes into account the entire scope of how you interact with the digital world.


We aim to deliver long-lasting products and services that are sustainable for you, your organization, your wallet and our world.


We never hold back the juicy “industry secrets.” We empower our clients with the tools, knowledge and skills they need. Your success is our success.


One-size-fits-all marketing is a scam. Your web presence and marketing plan should be as unique as you are. And our services are tailored accordingly.

Our Team

Who we are & how we can help.

Brian Ollivier
Co-CEO. Producer. Video Game Connoisseur.

We all have a story. I want to help you tell yours.

My name is Brian Ollivier, and I am the Co-CEO and Producer at BlueGoose Media. A disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, I recently went back to school and graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre. I have over twelve years experience in IT, project management and computer programming. I am an unabashed film nerd and gamer geek.

But that’s just a part of my story.

When founding BlueGoose Media, Sarah and I talked a lot about the stories we wanted to tell and how to create spaces where we – and other neurodivergent people like us – could tell their stories. During these discussions, the same topics kept coming up: representation, accessibility and opportunity in media. How can we help expand access to storytelling in all its forms, from personal and creative, to business and marketing?

We use what we call the Digital Ecosystem Method: a multi-pronged, holistic approach that considers individual, organizational and cultural identities as all equally important components of marketing and media narratives. We’re talking 30,000 foot view meets subatomic view.

Put plainly: We want to hear your story, and share it with the world.

Sarah Bond-Yancey
Co-CEO. Designer. Disability Rights Advocate.

I’m Sarah Bond-Yancey, BlueGoose Media’s Co-CEO and Principal Designer.

As a neurodivergent, queer woman, the ways our culture assigns ownership and value to voices and experiences has always been at the forefront of my mind. BlueGoose Media was born out of that idea. Every voice has value and every human has potential. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential by transparently and wholeheartedly sharing our knowledge and skills.

I come into this work after 15 years of independent communications consulting. I have worked with small farms, small businesses, small to mid-size nonprofits, startups and individual professionals. My consulting experience crosses many industries, including affordable housing, computer gaming, U.S. elections, impact planning and analysis, real estate, insurance, social justice, international development, alpaca farming and fiber arts.

When I’m not knee-deep in website code, debating logo iterations or pumping out quippy marketing copy, I can be found hiking, drooling over industrial live-work spaces on Zillow and advocating for disability rights as an active member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you cultivate your digital voice! Please reach out. Initial consultations are always free.

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